MTN Walk the Talk with 702

Sunday, 23 July 2017
Marks Park Sports Club

Thank you for walking the talk!

We had a blast at the 2017 edition of the MTN Walk the Talk with 702! Thank you for connecting with us and your 50 000 fellow walkers – what a vibe! We loved hosting you, and would love to know what you thought about your MTN Walk the Talk with 702 experience – connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Tuesday 8 August 19h30 SS10
Tuesday 8 August 23h00 CSN
Wednesday 9 August 01h30 SS8
Wednesday 9 August 05h00 CSN
Wednesday 9 August 14h00 SS10
Thursday 10 August 09h30 SS10
Friday 11 August 05h00 SS10
Friday 11 August 16h00 SS8