10 benefits of walking

It’s no walk in the park – but, power walking is certainly one of the most gratifying exercises you can choose. It doesn’t get the respect it deserves – but, we’re about to change all of that with a quick run-down of the benefits.

Walk your way to a good heart.

Did you know? Taking brisk walks can lower your risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetesas much as running can. The only difference – walking is eases the impact on your bones and joints, reducing your chances of injury. If you’re serious about your cardiovascular health, take more steps throughout the day and, track them using a pedometer or fitness tracker to make sure you’re staying on track. Remember, every single step counts on your journey to good heart health.

Pregnant – no problem. Walking is beneficial for you and the baby.

The great thing about walking is that it’s a low-impact exercise. If you’re pregnant and trying to stay in shape, don’t underestimate the power of a brisk stride. It doesn’t matter which trimester you’re in or what your fitness level is – feel free to enjoy the benefits of walking the recommended 150 minutes a week during your pregnancy.

Walking can help you to lose weight.

This is quite an obvious one – among some of the health benefits of walking, losing weight is something that regular walkers can look forward to. Regular walking is one of the most effective exercises for reducing belly fat and, improving the body’s response to insulin. If you live close to work, ditch the commute and take a walk home.

In a bad mood? Walk your way to instant happiness.

The next time you’re feeling blue – lift your spirits with a brisk walk. Studies from psychologists at Iowa State University have shown that walking for at least 12 minutes is a powerful way to lift your mood – even without stepping outside the comfort of your home. So, the next time you feel the urge to pour a tall glass of wine at the end of a rough day – take it in your stride with this calorie-free approach.

Ditch the meds, out-walk depression…

The cure for depression is not drugs – doctors are steering away from prescribing anti-depressants which alter the brain’s chemical balance, in favour of a prescription for walking. Regular walking has been proven to release feel good endorphins, making substantial difference in the lives of people suffering from depression. In addition, scientists have found that effects of walking lasted longer than the effects of the medication.

Fun with friends! Socialise on the go.

Thinking of ditching your evening run for a group walk? Great idea – while taking a walk alone is a great way to clear your head, walking with close friends is much more fun and, who doesn’t want their own cheering squad? Set regular dates for walking and, reap the benefits of connecting without distractions.

Walking is free! Why pay for a gym membership?

Let’s be honest – the fitness world is quite expensive. The costs of gym memberships, protein shakes, work-out wear, and proper running shoes all add up. It shouldn’t have to – especially when you can walk your way to fitness. Don’t sign that gym contract – get more cash in the bank by walking your way to good health for just 30 minutes every day. It’s free.

Stumped for creative ideas? Take a quick stroll.

Feeling stuck at work? Research has shown that a brisk walk around the office block can enhance your creativity. Don’t waste your time staring into a blank document on the computer screen, get up and stretch your legs and, get your creative juices flowing.

Type 2 Diabetes? Take a walk!

If you’ve been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, following doctors’ orders and taking regular walks could bethe best thing that you’ll ever do for your health. Walking not only improves the manner in which your body responds to insulin but, it also reduces your chances of becoming insulin resistant. Walking at a brisk pace can improve your body's ability to use insulin, lower stubborn blood sugar levels as well as lowering stress levels.

Want killer abs? Take a walk

It’s a fact, walking can help melt away some of your belly bulge to make way for chiselled abs. However, it is important to maintain proper form in order to strengthen the abs. Making minor adjustments to your walking routine can activate the abs you’ve been dreaming of.

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