3 Ways walking can benefit your dog

Walking has many benefits for both humans and dogs. A 30-minute walk about 3 times a week can help to reduce blood pressure and increase energy levels. This is very beneficial for overweight humans as well as pets.

The MTN Walk the Talk with 702 hosts the Compete Pet Food Dog Walk on Sunday, 28 July with two distances for dogs to a walk in, with an option of a 5km and an 8km walk to choose from.

What's even better? The Complete Pet Food Dog Walk is completely free for all dogs. The Dog Walk goes through the leafy suburbs of Joburg with several dog-friendly water points along the way.

Here's how daily walks can assist your dog:

1. Helps with weight control

It’s a no-brainer – exercise is good for all of us. Walking daily or even three times a week will help with weight-loss. While you can regulate your four-legged friend's diet, you should also provide regular exercise as well.

2. Be more social

If your dog is constantly barking and whining, it could be a sign that your pet wants some attention from you. Go on an adventure with your dog around the block of your street or even to the nearest park. This will strengthen your bond with each other.

3. Builds trust

If you have a fearful doggy, taking regular walks could help your pet to build confidence and trust. On your walks together, you are bound to meet other pets and their owners, your pet can learn to be comfortable around other humans and dogs.

Start with easy walks for your dog and build up to longer walks as you notice your doggy, and yourself, getting fitter.

Get out of the house, take some water with you, have your doggie on a leash and, remember to bring along a potty bag for those impulsive toilet breaks.

Visit www.walkthetalk.co.za to enter your dogs into the Compete Pet Food Dog Walk.

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