Due to the nature of the MTN Walk the Talk with 702 and the volume of walkers, certain roads in the area will be closed by Joburg Metropolitan Police Department, Joburg Roads Agency and the City of Joburg. Please look out for further correspondence regarding road closures and resident information in the build up to the event.

Our Residents campaign includes notifying the Ward Councillors and Residents Associations in the affected areas. We also send out communication to all businesses, places of worship, and residents directly affected areas, and surrounding areas.

Every measure is taken to minimise the impact that the Walk has on neighbourhoods around the venue and we urge residents to join the event and celebrate their beautiful suburbs.

Walk the Talk Community Project 2018

The Johannesburg Botanical Gardens has been chosen as the primary beneficiary of the 2017 Walk the Talk Legacy Community Project. A portion of last year’s entry fee from each participant’s entry will be used to upgrade fencing around Botanical Garden.

The fencing will provide safety security for the locals and visitors alike, who all make use of the garden.

Thousands of people from the city visit the garden for its beautiful scenery, music festivals, cycling, picnics and walking.

The Legacy project was established in 2011 and it is aimed at community upliftment in the areas directly affected by the event.

Since its inception the MTN Walk the Talk with 702 has been involved with several projects which include: funding a pedestrian bridge, made from recycled plastic, spanning an ecologically sensitive wetland area the Emmarentia Botanical Gardens, creating three outdoor gyms, resurfaced a basketball court in the Zoo Lake precinct, installed a dance floor at a community centre that uses dance to uplift disadvantaged youth in and around Melville.

This upholds the event’s objectives of creating a healthier society and making a positive difference and giving back to communities around the city. All of the beneficiary projects are based in the areas directly affected by the walk, but projects are only selected if they serve the broader community too.

The Walk the Talk Community Legacy Project is one of the ways that the event thanks residents who give up their streets so that thousands of their fellow Joburgers can enjoy walking the talk.