Egoli Blind to take part in MTN Walk the Talk with 702

Gary Kaplin is an avid listener of 702 and will be participating in this year's MTN Walk the Talk with 702.

Kaplin, an avid walker and runner, is visually compromised at 61 and semi retired. He has become involved with the NPO, Egoli Blind which is an NPO for blind and visually impaired persons.

Kaplin is also an ex member of Run/ Walk for Life and has approached the CEO to encourage members around Pretoria, East and West Rand to partake in MTN Walk the Talk with 702.

I myself am visually impaired so I know the challenges that people face in everyday life, in relation to jobs, being active in the economy, partaking in community,.

Gary Kaplin, treasurer at Egoli Blind

In the past, when I was a youngster, there were not assisting devices for visually impaired people and you just had to make do with what the normal-sighted person had to face.

Gary Kaplin, treasurer at Egoli Blind

I would like to ask people to support Egoli Blind, in support of the MTN Walk the Talk.

Gary Kaplin, treasurer at Egoli Blind

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