How to prepare for MTN Walk the Talk with 702

South Africa celebrates 25 years of democracy this year. So to ensure our walkers could be part of the celebration - MTN and 702, together with City of Joburg included the 25km walk route for the 2019 edition of the event.

The special 25km walk will extend beyond iconic landmarks such as the Nelson Mandela Bridge and Constitution Hill and take you through several suburbs, passing through the Johannesburg Zoo, the Anglo Boer War Memorial and Zoo Lake.The 25km route will break off onto Oxford Road from the 15km and carry on alongside the M1 into Forest Town. That's some serious walking!

To help prepare the approximately 3500 walkers, and those participating in the other distances, Refiloe Mpakanyane chatted to Mr Active David Katz for some simple advice...

Listen to the chat below, and then make note of David's list to share with fellow walkers.

  • Lay off alcohol during race week. It is a diuretic and will dehydrate you in the build-up to the race.
  • Avoid too many stimulants! So, caffeine for example; can also act as a diuretic in some, it can also impact sleep, and your ability to use caffeine to your benefit on race day.
  • Avoid eating out, as there’s a risk of food poisoning and it can cause digestive impact.
  • Don’t overeat. You land up gaining weight, meaning more impact on your body on race day.
  • Eat clean in the week leading up to the race, especially stay away from sugar!
  • With this in mind, also eat more alkaline foods as opposed to acidic foods to reduce the risk of inflammation.
  • Keep hydrated, I use 32Gi Hydrate, but anything hypertonic will go a long way. They help maximise the fluid absorption, i.e. it’s better for hydration than just drinking water.

Eat healthy. Eat nutrient dense meals. Eat foods which will provide benefit to you.

Mark Wolff
  • Mark Wolff also often talks about the ‘caffeine benefit.’ "It has been shown to improve performance and generally we would recommend 1-3mg of caffeine per kg of body weight, around 2-4 hours before an event".
  • Pre-race meal; here a slightly higher carbohydrate meal is beneficial, but remember low fibre. If you battle to eat straight away, start with something warm. Can be coffee already. Also helps get the bowels moving.
  • Meal ideas; rolled oats and nut butter and some banana or berries. Banana on bread with some peanut butter and honey. Some people like to eat eggs on toast. Banter's should even consume some carbohydrates.
  • Night of and morning of, keep your fibre intake low! Too much fibre can impact your stomach. As is, nervous may be causing tummy issues.

Details of pack collection - or how to secure a late entry for the MTN Walk the Talk with 702 - can be found at

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