Tips for the last week leading up to race day, and then for race day itself.

Refilwe Mpakanyane chats to "Mr Active" David Katz about how to prepare for MTN Walk the Talk with 702 this weekend... Listen to the chat below while perusing his tips...

David's tips for walk weekend:

Take it easy - in the couple of days leading up to the race rest your legs. Don't walk around too much.

Eat clean - we touched on this last week, but remember to eat clean, and also cut back on stimulants (e.g. Caffeine) if you want to get the benefit of them on race day.

Avoid Race Day stress - make sure that you plan to get your registration done easily, and also plan your route and or transport for getting to the race.

Collect your walk packs from Marks Park Sports Club, Judith Road, Emmarentia on Wednesday, 24 July 08h00 – 17h00; Thursday, 25 July 08h00 – 17h00; Friday, 26 July 08h00 – 17h00 and Saturday, 27 July 08h00 – 13h00.

Parking is free, but buses are easier and more convenient. Bus zones are as follows: Clearwater Mall (R100), Eastgate Shopping Centre (R100), Expo Centre Nasrec (R100), Melrose Arch (R100), Montecasino (R100), Sandton (R100) and University of Johannesburg Auckland Park Campus (R80).

Avoid getting sick - Keep warm in the build-up to the race, practice good health practices to avoid picking up sickness, and stay away from people who are ill.

The night before try eating dinner earlier than usual and don't eat a heavy hard to digest meal that may impact your ability to sleep. Also hydrate earlier in the day, so you are not up going to the loo all the time. Then try get to bed early. If you battle sleeping try a calming drink, or something like rescue remedy, avoid where possible sleeping pills. Make sure everything you need for Race Day is packed and ready.

Get up early enough to have something to eat, and already start hydrating. Try to eat at least an hour before the start, you can then top up with a little bit of a snack while waiting to start. Make sure you keep warm with the early start, and that you leave on time.

Keep it clean - Don't litter! Whatever nutrition you take with you and or clothing to keep warm, don't litter if you are going to throw them away after. With runners, often they buy a cheap long sleeve to wear and then they just get rid of them. If you do this, try do it when you are close to people supporting, who may benefit from collecting it.

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