Complete Pet Food Dog Walk

To all our Complete Pet Food Dog Walk entrants, we can't wait to see you on Walk the Talk Sunday! Thanks to Complete Pet Food , you'll be bringing the furrier members of the family to the MTN Walk the Talk with 702!

In addition to a special surprise gift from Complete Pet Food , they’ll have access to dedicated dog water points along the way and there’s a separate dog finish line with exciting entertainment for our four-legged friends!

A maximum of two dogs per participant were permitted upon entry, and in order to keep their tails wagging the South African Veterinary Association (SAVA) and The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development will be providing veterinarians on the day. They are there to ensure the doggie tails keep wagging. They hold the right to remove any dogs off the route that do not seem medically fit to walk or for any other reasons they deem are in the best interest of the public and/or the dog.

SAVA is committed to promoting the health and welfare of animals and mankind. Click here for more information. One of the many functions of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is advocating animal welfare. For more information, read here.

See you there!

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